Cover Illustration for The Bird House - Clive Hicks-Jenkins  RCA

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Clive Hicks-Jenkins: Adventures in Books

7 Hydref 2021 - 30 Hydref 2021

'New works from Clive Hicks-Jenkins: Adventures in Books'

In the first six months of lockdown Clive Hicks-Jenkins worked on several outstanding book projects, including the commission from Faber & Faber to make illustrations for Poet Laureate Simon Armitage’s new translation of The Owl & the Nightingale and a small picture-book, The Bird House, for Design for Today. With those completed he turned his attention to a subject that has long fascinated him and, with a commitment to publish from Design for Today, invited the poet Olivia McCannon to explore the fairy tale Beauty & the Beast. The pair used many literary and cinematic sources for the work, most significantly Jean Cocteau's 1946 film of La Belle et la Bête, and the resulting book will be published later this year.

This exhibition, which may also be seen online, features the gorgeous original works for all three books, all of which are for sale.

Open:  Tuesday – Friday, 10 – 6 and Saturday, 10 – 2

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