Robert Pitwell  


Robert Pitwell was born in 1964, and studied Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art in the 1990s.  He has worked as a costume and prop maker for Welsh National Opera and numerous other UK-based theatre companies. He also teaches fine art and printmaking.

He says of his work; ‘The starting point for these pictures could be the object itself or simply the frustration of not being able to work in the studio, so I might read a book, do some gardening, go out in the boat, walk the dogs, all these things are just as important as the end result. These pictures speak of more than just objects: they imply greater surroundings things that have happened, moments that have passed, things that might happen.  I am trying to explain something of the world, through the every day.  For me, whether I be making print based or painted ideas the language and process is all the same, painting is a language, and like all languages it allows a spectrum of possibility that begins with prose and ends in poetry. They are pictures of what has been resisted as well as what has been sought, of what has been removed as well as what has been left.’


Exhibition Catalogue - September 2014