Happy Families - Claudia Williams RCA

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Claudia Williams - Selected Paintings and Drawings

5 Chwefror 2020 - 27 Chwefror 2020

As Claudia Williams approaches the age of 87 she is no longer painting and this seems an appropriate time to celebrate one of our most eminent and established artists with a wonderful group of works specially selected from her studio. These paintings span a period of time from 1984 to 2017 and this is almost certainly the last time such a large group of paintings will be offered for sale. We are delighted to stage this exhibition, Claudia's ninth solo show at the gallery since she first exhibited with us almost twenty five years ago. The exhibition represents the very best of her work that is still available.

Claudia Williams was born in 1933. She is a very well-established figure on the Welsh art scene. As a child, Claudia’s gift for draughtsmanship was evident, winning her national prizes and scholarships. At the age of sixteen she attended Chelsea School of Art, where her draughtsmanship was recognised, yet again, with a scholarship. In 1953 she moved to north Wales where, shortly afterwards, she married the artist Gwilym Prichard. She subsequently lived in France for 15 years, where her work is also highly regarded. This led in 1995 to the award of the Silver Medal by the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters in Paris, in recognition of her contribution to the arts in France.

Claudia’s paintings and drawings usually reflect the domestic world of children and grandchildren, family gatherings and seaside trips. She has also touched on more controversial issues, notably the drowning of Tryweryn. Her obvious love of the subject matter, allied with a rigorous eye for composition and colour, and the quality of her draughtsmanship combine to produce paintings of great integrity and broad appeal.

She has exhibited widely over the last fifty years, and her work features in many important public and private collections. Claudia was elected to the Royal Cambrian Academy in 1979. She is an Honorary Fellow of Bangor University.  A hugely popular retrospective was held at the National Library of Wales in 2000, and an exhibition of her powerful and moving Tryweryn paintings was shown there in 2010. The National Museum Wales recently acquired one of her paintings for the National Collection. She continues to be one of Wales' most popular and collectable artists.


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